How to make a GIF In Mobile

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As you use social media, you should probably know how to make a GIF. The GIFs are not only fun, but they can often help get a clear message or Humor across better than a written response can.

Most of the mobile operating systems and messaging services are having with GIF libraries, but you might be thinking about how to make a GIF of your own. Whether it’s a Videos or photos you want to turn into Gif , there are a few Applications at your disposal.


Here’s some Best App for creating GIFs through your iOS or Android phone so you can turn videos , photos, and more into Interesting GIFs.

Giphy Cam

Giphy APP is the best GIF search engine right now, it makes sense that Giphy would have its own app for creating such GIFs. Giphy Cam is the tool that available for both iOS and Android platforms.

This app’s also used to convert your videos and images into GIFs and the way it goes about it is distinctly quirky stuff with options to add silly stickers, texts, and frames to your images. it is quick, fast, and it can easily understand to its users.

Steps to Create GIF with Giphy App

Giphy is an easy mobile app can used to create GIFs on your phone or tablet. This can be Installed free from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, the Giphy app lets you capture video or upload clips from your Gallery to turn into a GIFs and these are the steps to create Gif:

Step 1. Download GIPHY from iOSAndroid to your phone or tablet and open the app.

Step 2: Click Create + in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Use the camera button to record video or select the library icon next to it to open footage from your device’s camera roll.

Step 4: Select Share GIF to download your GIF to your device or share it to social media.


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