Google Local Guide Summit 2020 : An Update

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Globally, local guides are the  helping hands for lots of people to find their destinations very easily. The Connect live is better than before for the fifth flagship global event celebrations. This global event is being hosted by the Google at California and is hosting 200 Local Guides Levels 5+ from X countries and regions.

Considering the health and safety of people around the globe and keeping in mind the unpredictability of international flying it’s almost unfeasible to organise the connect live 2020. Most of the local guides expected to learn more from the Event are disappointed . But due  to COVID 19 pandemic, connect live 2020 made a very crucial decesion to cancel the global event connect live in 2020.Those who applied for the connect live 2020 event will be awarded by a connect badge which adds more apostle to the profile. The  plan is to continue to find ways to recognize local guides community  throughout the rest of the year.

#Stayhome #staysafe

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