Easy way to search movies which you didn’t watched yet, here the New thing In google home page to explore.

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All About new feature from Google “What to Watch”, let’s have some look : 

Google has introduced a new feature in Google search which helps users to search for movies across many Video streaming platforms. During lockdown as people are spending much time on mobile watching our favorite shows on streaming apps, Lots of people among us are little bit confused “what to watch”  which movie is best  “. To get rid of these confusion Google came up with the solution. Google search shows suggestions from Netflix, hotstar, Disney, YouTube, play music &TV, boot, sonyliv and more service providers are yet to include.
 This feature is available in Telugu, Hindi, English, Marathi, Kannada and with additional Languages. so that users can filter based on streaming services and genres. Google’s feature almost works like a created list of people interests in watching like kinds of  platforms and types of movies.
When the user search for the movies or shows, to know which TV or movie subscriptions they already have user need to tap  “Edit providers”  button. This filters the unnecessary results. By this feature users can not only search for movies and shows but also they can add to the “watchlist” for easy and faster access. Next the user needs to add it to the viewing list soo that user needs to tap  “watchlist” in the preview window. Users can navigate among  recommendations and watchlist. User will not lose their track which is already being saved.

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