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The best for download shorts video is we do not use YouTube API so don’t need to worry about providing your log in details or no need to creating the account and we do not charge anything for using our service this is lifetime free services, which can be used to download unlimited YouTube shorts videos.

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How to download the YouTube Shorts video?

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  1. Copy the link to the Shorts video that you want to save or download online.
  2. Paste the link in the download shorts video input box on the homepage.
  3. Click the “Download” button to being processed your video downloading.
  4. Now, the New screen is open, here you see the three dots, click on it and hit download.
  5. When your shorts video download process is complete your browser tells you the video will be downloaded.
  6. You can find the video in your gallery or also find the video in file management inside the Download folder or default folder which you use to save.

For better understanding we attached the image, follow the instruction which shows in an image or also read these instructions and enjoyed your downloaded video. This way to download shorts video is the best and easy option without downloading any additional app.


What is YouTube Shorts?

Youtube Shorts is a short video-making platform where users will create videos of 15 seconds or less. Currently app in the early beta of Youtube shorts. YouTube Shorts a new short-form video service that lets users create shorts video, the Shorts provide you the option to record with music from the library of music, speed control, and timer and countdown to edit like a pro your video. Shorts have upcoming features like-new cameras and a handful of editing tools that rolling out over the next few weeks.
Shorts is a new way to express yourself and gain an audience. Every month, 2 billion viewers come on YouTube to watch videos in all types of categories like entertainment, education, technology so you have the opportunity to connect with them and gain your loyal fans. YouTube says we will update more features according to customer feedback.

Shorts in currently in beta version and the early version offersservices is available in India for android users but YouTube launches Shorts soon in other countries also. YouTube Shorts is currently available for android users and for iOS users it will available soon. YouTube says we will update more features according to customer feedback.

How to copy the shorts video download link?

  1. Open the YouTube application
  2. Choose a Short video which you want to download.
  3. Look at the bottom side “Share” option is seen, Click on it!
  4. Now a popup comes with the Copy Link option. Copy it, Hurray Links Copied!

For more details check this attached image to guide you through step-by-step methods to copy the downloading link.

Creating a YouTube shorts video?

It is simple to create short videos you just have to open the YouTube application (updated). To a shots video hit the “+” Symbol (you can find the icon inside the youtube app at the bottom).
Now you see the ‘Create a Short’ option, tap on it, now your Shorts interface is open now you are able to record your video. Shots allow you to use editing tools to do things like add music, merge multiple video clips, speed controls, and timers for your video clip.

Interesting details about Shorts video.

Shorts is a new short-form for creators and artists who want to shoot catchy videos in any category with their mobile phones. Shorts have focused on building their foundation across three main areas:

  • Create: Creating or shooting video easy and introducing new tools for creators and artists with these early beta Shorts. Shorts provide you multi-segment camera to strings video clips together, record with music, etc.
  • Get Discovered: Connect with the Shorts of YouTube 2 billion viewers and built entire businesses and also providing the platform for mobile creators to grow a community on Youtube with shorts
  • Watch: YouTube has seen some videos recently on the homepage in vertical format. You can change the new video by swiping up from one video to the next video, plus discover other similar shorts video.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download youtube shorts videos?

To download a Shorts video of youtube on your mobile or pc drive, Go on and paste the copied link inside the input box of your shorts video that you want to download and hit the download button. This is the free and best easy way to download shorts videos online.

App to watch the shorts video?

No, you did not need to install any application for Shorts videos, YouTube launches Shorts inside the YouTube application. To access the Shorts video you just open YouTube and scroll down there are new videos coming in vertical long format click on it and watch it, swipe up for more Shorts video content.

where is short video option in YouTube?

Currently Shorts in early beta, YouTube will keep updated in the next few week and month with more new features as well as more ways to discover Shorts. So wait for it now! Right now you can access shorts inside the youtube app at the top side options.

How can I upload or shoot YouTube shorts video?

For creating or shoot Shorts video you just open the YouTube app and hit the ‘+’ sign and choose ‘create a shorts’ and hit it. New interface is open now click on the record button and shoot your shorts video. You can also use shorts feature like music library or speed controls and timers.


How to Download HD Youtube Shorts online?

The quality of any short video is depending on the quality of upload’s the video. If the video creator uploads yt short video in High Quality then the shorts downloader easily crawls the shorts video and provides you the original high-quality Youtube shorts video downloading link in its original uploads shorts video hd download quality.

Is it legal to download the Shorts of YouTube?

Downloading a Youtube video is always breaches the YouTube guidelines before downloading the video you read carefully all the guidelines. We did not have any right to any video or images all the credit or ownership goes to YouTube and its creators.
Read the YouTube guidelines – YouTube’s Terms of Service

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